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Executive Education

What is Your American Dream Score: Lived Experience Diversity Workshop

Dig deep into your staff or team’s make-up with The American Dream Score. This research-driven assessment was designed by The Moving Up Media Lab and funded by the Ford Foundation and has already been used by more than 565,000 individuals. The brief tool examines the many people, experiences, systems, and institutions that have helped—or hindered—our path to where we are today. In this workshop, we will use these reflections to jump-start honest discussions about the role of inequality and opportunity in our lives and our work.

Half-day & long-term programs available to help your team(s) understand and work with:

• Personal histories and the key experiences, influences and moments that have brought us where we are today

• The many facilitators and obstacles that factor into how we relate to our environment and how we work toward our goals

• Tools for recognizing the effects of past experiences on both one’s own and others reactions to present circumstance

• Methods for interacting skillfully and productively across diverse backgrounds

• Strategies for capitalizing on personal and group understanding to improve productivity and outcomes

Customizable program design around the assessment allows for targeted outcomes aligned to your organizational challenges, values or goals. Some possibilities include:

• Increased understanding of diversity within the team

• Better teamwork around obstacles and challenges

• Deeper appreciation for value and experiences of team and stakeholders

• Enhanced individual capacity to identify areas for growth and improvement

• Insight into recruitment/restructuring for a more diverse staff reflecting or different experiences, skill-sets, and attitudes.

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