• NY Times Best-selling co-author of Made to Stick & Switch

• Co-author of Making Number Counts (2022)

• Unearthing the science behind defining experiences and moments that matter

Executive Education

Making Ideas Stick

available as a 1/2 and full day workshop

Course mission: Participants will learn a 6-part framework (SUCCES) for making ideas stick. They’ll practice the framework with ideas from a wide variety of contexts, ranging from high-tech innovations to environmental campaigns to entrepreneurial pitches. At the end of the session, they’ll walk out with an understanding of how to make their communications more clear, memorable, and impactful.

Learning objectives:

  • Practice finding the “core” of a message to make it simpler

  • Learn to adapt messages to fit the sensibilities and concerns of the audience

  • Learn to avoid the “Curse of Knowledge,” which leads us to speak in jargon and abstraction

  • Find ways to communicate complicated messages using concrete language and stories

  • Understand how to build viral “hooks” into their ideas


available as a 1/2 and full day workshop

Course mission: Change is a constant in business. Today, at this moment, your managers have been called on to lead important changes. And if they succeed, they’ll be rewarded with … another change.

There won’t come a day when change is no longer important. And that’s why leaders need a way of thinking about change that will guide them throughout their careers. They need a framework that shapes their thinking, regardless of the change being contemplated. That’s where the tools in Switch come in. Your leaders will leave this half-day workshop with a thorough understanding of a 3-part framework for change that will be useful for the rest of their careers.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand how to apply the “bright spots” methodology to lead change

  • Practice eliminating “decision paralysis” by defining change in crisp, behavioral terms

  • Learn how to inspire change by leveraging the power of emotion

  • Explore ways to “shrink the change” to reduce resistance

  • Understand the power of social pressure to assist (or, if misused, hamper) a change effort

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