• Bestselling author of The Back of The Napkin on how anyone can use simple pictures to lead, innovate & sell

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Back of the Napkin: Training Conference

Nothing is more important for our professional and personal success than sharing our ideas in public. Yet nothing is more terrifying than public speaking. No wonder success can be so hard. But it doesn’t need to be!

In this engaging and interactive event, best-selling author Dan Roam shows how to turn a dreaded presentation into an extraordinary opportunity. Whether we’re pitching a room full of executives, sharing our idea with co-workers, trying to convince clients, or telling a story around the campfire, Dan can teach us how to effectively deliver our message with truth, story, and visuals. (And a whole lot of fun.)

In his two international bestsellers, The Back of the Napkin and Unfolding the Napkin, Roam taught readers how to solve complex problems and sell ideas by using visual thinking. Now in his latest, Show and Tell: How Everybody Can Make Extraordinary Presentations, Roam presents a pithy but powerful guide that takes away the jitters and gives anyone the confidence they need to share their story with any audience.

As Roam writes, “As presenters, our goal is simple: To help others see what we see. To do this we entertain, persuade, educate, motivate, and ultimately change our audience. In other words, we create and deliver a report, explanation, pitch, or story so captivating that our audience wants to see things the way we do.” Roam explains in detail how anyone can incorporate pictures, graphics, and—best of all—drawings into a presentation that will keep the audience glued to its seats.

Dan Roam has worked with such leading organizations as Microsoft, eBay, Google, Wal-Mart, Boeing, Lucas Film, Gap, Intel, Cisco, IBM, Kraft, the US Navy, the United States Senate, and the White House. He has appeared on CBS, CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, Fox News, and NPR. Dan’s visual explanation of American health care was selected by BusinessWeek as “The World’s Best Presentation of 2009.”

The Art of the Extraordinary Presentation


There is nothing more important to our professional success than our ability to present our ideas effectively to others. Yet there is nothing more terrifying for most of us than public speaking. No wonder success can be so elusive; the one thing we need to do well is the one thing we’re most afraid of. But it doesn’t need to be.

In this dynamic and inspiring seminar, Dan Roam shows how, with a little planning and practice, making an extraordinary presentation can be easy and fun — both for us and for our audience. All we need to do is remember the three rules: tell the truth, tell it with a story, and tell that story with pictures.


This session is ideal for anyone who needs to share an idea, sell a concept, generate support, or help others understand.


  • The three rules of all extraordinary presentations

  • The four essential storylines upon which all great presentations are built

  • How to apply these concepts to the basics of creating and delivering presentations that truly change our audience

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