Author of Zig Zag & other books on the power of collaboration & greater creativity

Executive Education

The Jazz Experience

In The Jazz Experience, Sawyer shares the stage with a jazz trio. Sawyer has been a jazz pianist since high school, and he has published several books analyzing how jazz ensembles generate surprising and original group creations. Sawyer introduces each of the trio's songs, describing the special balance of planning and improvisation that results in effective creativity and collaboration. Following each song, Sawyer poses provocative questions for the musicians, drawing out their unconscious inspiration and their conscious goals and thoughts. He ends by leading the audience in a Q&A session with the musicians. Sawyer has delivered The Jazz Experience with a wide range of jazz trios; a local trio is usually identified that works and performs near the client site. For the adventurous client, Sawyer has created several activities that bring together the audience and the musicians in a group improvisation.

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