Leading expert in building better workplaces, & author of The Whole-Person Workplace

Executive Education

Building the "Whole-Person Workplace"

Business success by supporting employees with their work-life challenges

Supporting employees as whole people is the key to long-term, sustainable business success. Creating a Whole-Person Workplace helps you attract the best talent, who want to stay, become increasingly engaged, and then treat your customers as whole people as well.

Whether you are a leader, supervisor, business owner, or HR professional, The Whole-Person Workplace will help you develop ways to support your employees with the full range of their work-life challenges. Scott’s talks, workshops and webinars will help you think about flexibility, work-from home, parental leave, child-care, elder-care, wellness programs, educational benefits, vacation time, support for volunteerism, compensation & benefits, employee orientation, and workplace culture in new ways- and provide actionable advice for getting started custom-fit solutions for your business and employees.

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