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Executive Education

Think Like a Hacker: Secure Your Brand

Book this keynote or extended session to address the seemingly overwhelming collection of security concerns with which today’s leaders contend:

  • Is security a critical need for your organization, and one which you want to make sure you're doing right?

  • Are you struggling to understanding how hackers think, how they operate, how they break systems, and how to keep pace as they evolve?

  • Do you need to know how to defend accordingly?

  • Are you uncertain about whether your security investments are, in fact, actually making you any more secure?

  • Do you have the appetite and capacity for change?

If any of this describes you, then this is for you! An engaging blend of research-based issue analysis combined with storytelling, and more:

  • Implement a proven security method, based on years of practical experience in security research and security consulting, designed to help equip leaders like you deal with modern attackers.

  • Define and implement a threat model.

  • Differentiate between assessment methods.

  • Understand level of attacker intensity.

  • Challenge conventional wisdom

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