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The Future of Working Together: 7 Non-Obvious Traits of Top Teams

Ideal Audience: General Business

Available Formats: Keynote, Breakout, Half-Day/Full-Day Strategic Work Session, Digital Keynote, Virtual Training, Coaching/Consulting

Description: A team divided cannot stand. But a team connected multiplies.

This is why talent acquisition and retention – which is expensive, time-consuming, and difficult – is not nearly as important as talent multiplication.

Talent multiplication works like this: one Clydesdale horse can pull a ton. Two Clydesdales – connected together properly – can pull ELEVEN tons. Connection is how mediocre talent on a top team outperforms top talent on a mediocre team. This is how an organization with limited resources can compete with the biggest players – by connecting together properly.

This program teaches the 7 traits of highly connected teams so your teams can operate at a far higher level than the sum of their parts.

A Divided Team...

    • Communicates poorly and not enough.

    • Can’t fully agree on important decisions.

    • Has ineffective, drawn-out meetings that are dominated by a few.

    • Bickers about minor issues.

    • Doesn’t even know why they’re forced to work on a team.

    • Has workplace drama that affects everyone.

    • Doesn’t feel autonomy or freedom to be creative.

    • Wastes its talent.

A Connected Team...

    • Has confidence

    • Is accountable and self-directed

    • Communicates openly

    • Strives for 100% consensus

    • Deals with conflict quickly and effectively

    • Knows their roles

    • Has cheerleaders instead of backstabbers

    • Maximizes their time in meetings

    • Multiplies the effectiveness of its talent!


After this program, attendees will be able to…

    • Cut meeting times in half, while increasing productive output – Even virtually!

    • Make purpose and vision an integrated part of their work instead of just a “statement.”

    • Understand and interpret their teammates’ attitudes and behaviors – for the benefit of everyone.

    • Be a team player instead of a team destroyer.

    • Gain complete clarity on team roles and procedures.

    • Build more interpersonal influence – and get things done quicker and easier.

    • Balance personal goals with team goals.

    • Handle and manage conflict and constructive criticism – without hurt feelings.

    • Assess and adjust any team’s performance.

    • “Manage up” – communicating effectively to their boss.

    • Celebrate wins successfully with four proven ingredients.

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