Award-winning sex educator & healthy relationships advocate for the #MeToo & #TimesUp era

Executive Education

Social Change: Living in a World Where No One Will Have to Say "Me Too"

Twanna is actively building a world free of sexual violence and shame. She gives you the tools to increase teamwork, safety, and communication — whether in personal relationships or workplaces. Drawing from her experiences as an award-winning sex educator, she takes you to the front lines of anti violence education. Twanna trains audiences how to de-escalate tensions, fighting, and arguing as inspires all to increase the amount of joy in their daily lives. The Washington Post calls her “cheerful, spirited, and charming.” Strive to live in a world where no one will have to say “me too.” Invite Twanna to speak at your next event.

Note: This talk can be tailored to different groups and adapted to various formats — including, but not limited to, keynote speeches, virtual presentations, half-day workshops, three-day workshops, and panel discussions.

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